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    Automatically convert Word and PowerPoint files into SCORM compliant eLearning

    Convert your electronic files and presentations to eLearning in seconds. SCORM is the framework of most online Learning management systems. If you are creating eLearning you need this to be in SCORM format. Easily upload a file and click on "Convert file" and convert your own content to eLearning in the proper SCORM format.

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Automatically create interactive eLearning courses from your electronic files


All uploaded files are converted into HTML5 and CSS... not FLASH.

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Converted-to-SCORM documents are automatically mLearning friendly.

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Once your electronic file is converted to eLearning you can easily edit it.

Works in any LMS

...provided the LMS reads SCORM... the framework of all eLearning.

Images convert Awesome

Images in your Word or PowerPoint files are converted into eLearning perfectly.

SCORM Reporting

Converted SCORM files offer full reporting.

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Create SCORM is an online service that converts Word or PowerPoint documents to eLearning in seconds.

Convert training materials, policy documents, software manuals, and more into online learning in two simple steps.


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No longer do you or your programming team have to spend hundreds – or thousands – of hours programing line after line of code in order to create a SCORM version of your content. Not only is this extremely costly and time intensive, it is often riddled with human errors. Convert to SCORM gives you an option you did not have in the past… direct conversion of electronic files to SCORM.

There are several popular ‘rapid eLearning’ tools on the market. However, beware, rapid means your courses will be created in Flash and Flash is a dead technology. In fact, most mobile devices refuse to display Flash files which means you are eliminating a major portion of your intended audience and opens you up to a multitude of costly support issues.

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